The Thinkers, and the Doers

“I think, therefore, I am,”
thought the thinker.

“As I do, so am I,”
thought the doer.

And yet!—do they not both think, and do?

For the doer does what he thinks best,
As the thinker does his thinking, as best he can.
Do they not both do their best in what they do, or think?

Then what of God's opinion of either?
Shall we imagine that He cares?
Does He in fact prefer one over the other?

And is God, Himself, a thinker or a doer?
Surely He thinks before He does,
and surely He does what He thinks He shall do.

Perhaps He cares more for what goes on
in the heart of one the who is neither
thinking nor doing…

For thinking is doing,
and doing comes not before thinking.
I wonder… what does God look at
as He sizes up the man?

Therefore, let us cease.
Let the doer cease his doing.
Let him stop his endless striving to accomplish!
Let the thinker cease his thinking.
Let him stop his endless pursuit to understand!
Let us turn our hearts toward God,
find our solace in Him,
find eternal Truth in Him.

Let us together repent,
and find our very salvation!

For we know we cannot save ourselves by accomplishment,
nor by thought through understanding,
as if introspection or conquest could save a man
from his own natural end.

For it is our heart which God demands,
and we will not give it apart from repentance,
apart from halt, from cessation
of thinking, of doing.

Let us think on God, and do as He directs.
And thus, let us both be saved from ourselves.




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