The Mirror

I waited, seemingly forever
to meet the one who is you...

And since that day I cannot resist
this unction to love you for all my life,
As though I am reflected in a mirror
of God's love for His own.

My love for you
is a reflection.

Two in one,
One in two,
are we destined to be
this reflection?

Time might tell,
but I already know.
My love for you is a reflection
Of God's love for me.

Irrefutable, irresistible,
unrevokable is my love.
For to deny it,
I would deny myself, and cease to be
the man who is me.

I cannot unlove you,
for your image is permanently etched
upon my heart and soul.
It cannot be erased.
It cannot be erased.

What is this work
that God does to us?
We cannot now be split,
for we are one,
never to become two.
We are one.

So let us be a reflection
of the love of God,
who will not revoke His love for us.
Though we stray, though we forsake.
Though we be faithless, He remains faithful.

The love of God
is stronger than death.
Thus, I will die
loving you.

I will die
loving you.




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