A Man and His Bride

There once was a man who went out one day

To seek and to find his chosen bride.

He knew, once he chose her, that he would then be true

To her and to himself, there was no other course.

For his love, once pronounced, was irrevocable;

He would persist, no matter what, forever without remorse.

And it came that they were wed, in a beautiful display

Of mutual love and adoration.

The angels rejoiced as he brought her to his home,

To a refuge, a place of safety, security and provision.

But as the rigors of this life waged their many endless wars,

She one day came to doubt his own integrity.

Even his very promises, seeming thereon unfulfilled,

Gave her pause to reconsider her chosen journey.

Had she made a mistake? A bad investment?

"Things aren't the way they were supposed to be

And what now of my own goals? Shouldn't I be free

To pursue them all myself, apart from thee?

Or do you only wish to subjugate me?"

She asked of her husband.

But the man was wise, and thus he knew

It was not her love, but His, which was the glue

That would hold them together, and could one day repair

The rift of doubt which was causing her despair.

But he could not do it apart from her own

Expression of faith in the ability he'd shown

To adhere to God's plan of redemptive action

Which God had designed for His own satisfaction.

So he waited, and waited for his bride to awake

From her slumber of doubt; for her chains to break;

For her movement in faith toward his embrace,

Renewing their union, thus unlocking his grace

To bestow upon her the manifold blessings

Prepared in advance for them both to enjoy

Not only in this life, just now and before,

But even the next life, from thence, evermore.

Now her love for her husband both waxes and wanes.

She continually measures both pleasure and pain,

Ever conscious of her lot, thinking little of him,

Or the pain she inflicts while addressing her whim

Upon him, the One who sacrificed all

To redeem His mankind from his own sinful fall

For this man is Christ Jesus, the only Son of God

And His bride is his church, though you might think it odd

That He might commit his very life to such an unworthy cause:

The salvation of our souls! And this should give us pause

To consider the many ways in which we frustrate His attempts

To provide for us the comfort of salvation from our ways

Of sin and confrontation to His good and perfect laws

To which we should acquiesce, should we ever stop and pause

To consider who we are before him. He is God.

And we are not.

For He chose us. We did not choose Him

Until prompted by His Spirit to do so.

Let us, His bride, then cling to Him in peace,

The peace that comes from knowing that our sins have been forgiven,

That He is the solution to the hex of our transgressions.

For should our sins be held for value, the weight of each regression,

We would surely sink asunder into the pit of our own depression.

He has lifted us, has He not? From the depths of our own undoing.

Shall we then complain to Him, that our life seems unfulfilling?

For the will of God is the will we should embrace!

Because our own will invariably flies in the face

Of what we honestly must concede is a better course indeed

Than what we could imagine, though we cannot keep from trying

To invent ourselves an outcome which is simply more appealing

Than that which God had preordained, for the strengthening of our souls:

His good and perfect will, which none of us controls.

Thus in the end she concedes, and propriety exceeds,

For Jesus Christ is King, and to Him we only bring

Our fragments of ourselves, which He has now reserved

The meager offerings of a soul who's somehow been preserved

From the rotting force of sin, inflicted from within

The fallen nature of man, who likes to think he can,

But knows that he cannot, resist the will of Him

Who crafted us from dust, and has saved us from the rust

And corrosion of this world—to say nothing of our sin!

For Satan, though he started this decline unto our doom,

Has been vanquished, and banished from this room.

Thus Christ's church now praises Him,

The Author and Finisher of our faith!

To Him we give praise. To Him we give thanks.

For truly He has waited for our response. He has waited, and we now respond, thanking God for His forbearance!

Thank You, Oh God, for not destroying us while we were yet in our doubt and transgressions!

And so His bride looks forward, not back!

Forward! Even into eternity!

Oh, Lord, we care little for the hardships in our space. 

For we know that these will pale, soon enough, in the face 

of what you have in store for us! 

For we will skip like calves released from the stall,

As we exult

Even in the Glorious Liberty of the Sons of God!



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