The Joys of Exclusivity

Everyone likes exclusivity, right?
"Join this exclusive club,
Enjoy these exclusive priveledges… "
It's a great sales angle, because everyone wants more priveledges, right? Only just don't be racist about it.

Excuse me, but: No wonder our society is so conflicted! We all want something that we all know is wrong. It's something to think about...

So this morning, I'm grabbing a hot cup of joe at the 7-11, and I notice among the various flavors of coffee, one labeled, "Exclusive Blend." Well this has immediate appeal to me, yet I couldn't escape the fact that anybody can pour themselves a cup of the stuff, so it's not really that exclusive, is it? That's when it hit me—a way to be way more exclusive than all these other commoners…

So right now, as I write this, I am enjoying a very exclusive blend of Hazelnut and Exclusive Blend.

I'm so exclusive!




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