Hard Times, Indeed!

Wow.  The economy is so bad!  Minimum wage hasn't gone up for over six months, now.  Your typical high-school kid has to work nearly all summer -full time, even - just to be able to buy one quad or dirt bike!  All three of my cars are over five years old now, and I'm gonna have to sell two, just to buy one new one!  I mean, it's like we're suddenly thrust back into the dark ages or something.  It's like it's 1973 or something!

But I think these two ladies from California really summed up the kind of unbelievable sacrifices that are having to be made by so many Americans today, in the wake of this current economy that has been thrust upon us by the republicans.  I'm just glad we have some real hope for change...

"Katie from Sacramento writes: ‘We will be spending a lot less. We usually do rib eye steaks and racks of ribs with lots of sides — macaroni salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, etc. This year it will be homemade hamburgers with french fries and soda instead of beer. The ground beef was bought on clearance a few weeks ago and frozen — I’ll thaw it for weekend use.’ To which Laura from California adds: ‘Instead of our usual ribs, we are having burgers. As bleak as it sounds, next year we may have a cup of soup.’"
— Brian Williams reading viewer e-mails about Memorial Day weekend hardships, May 27 NBC Nightly News.




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