God Has Come Down

God has come down!
Taking on mortality and dying flesh,
The Christ has visited us!
The burden he carried to the cross, no one can know.
He cared what we thought, lifting all our baggage
of prejudice and pride, yet
knowing how we would respond
to His truth.
He loved us to His death,
knowing we might not respond.
But to those who do, He holds out His hand
of forgiveness and grace,
A fountain of life for those who can bring
themselves to value His gift.
Eternal life! and nothing less.
For we are wayward, there is no other verdict.
We are the prodigals, He is our Father.
How, then, shall we approach
this throne of Grace?
In humility or pride? You decide.
I bring nothing of value
beside my own repentance,
For I have sinned.
I have sinned, yet He takes me in
as though I am pure and true,
His righteousness imputed unto myself
as though I had risen, but I hadn't.
It is He who has lifted me,
and now I rise, by His redemptive power
to a place I could never, ever achieve.
God has saved me from myself,
from my sin, from my iniquity
which was of my own doing and origin!
How can it be, that God has redeemed a sinner such as me?
Truly there was a sacrifice, for He was under no compulsion
beside His own love for me, and for you!
Jesus said, "You must be born again."
Let us therefore embrace this rebirth,
and all that it entails. It's a story
for each of us.
Start your eternal story today!
Today is the day of salvation!



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