Do the Rich, in Fact, Pay their Fair Share?

I think so.  I think they pay WAY BEYOND their fair share.  I think that stealing from them in the name of CLASS ENVY is the most deplorable facet of our immoral tax system!  I'm not rich, by the "standards" set forth by our socialist leaders, who seem to think they are somehow enhanced in their wisdom in determining what's best for all of us.  Furthermore, I resent the fact that every attempt made by myself (or anyone, for that matter) to improve my financial situation shall be mitigated and discouraged through taxation.  If I work hard to improve my home, I am taxed on the basis of my home's value.  If I work hard to get an increase in pay, my income taxes go up.  Everyone - ALL OF US, PEOPLE - are soundly discouraged from successs.  Don't succeed, or you shall be punished.  That's the message, and that's the reality.

I think Washington has enough money.  They don't deserve one more red cent.  Oh, sure, it sounds really great when they claim they're gonna send you some of it FOR FREE.  But if you think that sounds like a good plan, then YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT WILL COST YOU!

Unfoutunately for both of us, you'll have to wait until I and those saying what I'm saying will tell you, "I told you so..."

Wake Up, people!




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