Asleep at the Switch

My political rant for today is...

Somebody fell asleep at the switch, and I fear it is US!!!

My grandfather used to say, "Welfare is bad. It is a bad thing." I know now that he was correct on all counts. Most of our nation's problems can easily be traced to the fact that Public Welfare was invented, and was allowed to grow. The government has no business caring for people. This is not the government that our founding fathers envisioned. Can a government be compassionate? No, government is incapable of compassion. It exists only to control, thus it must be constantly held in check. Government-sponsored welfare is bad. Period.

Is compassion bad? NO! But government cannot be compassionate, and only ill-conceived thinking imagines that government should be compassionate or provide. Compassion is OUR responsibility as citizens. Those who think that the government should provide are those who wish to shrug their own responsibility onto someone else.

Think about it: Were government welfare to disappear tomorrow, would not our illegal immigration problem instantly disappear? I think so! Along with myriad other social conundrums.

Government-sponsored welfare exists for only one reason: so that we won't have to care for our neighbors as we ought. We just want someone else to take care of our problems for us, don't we? And of course the modern manifestation of this is the idea that "the rich should pay their fair share," which is a load of crap, and just another way of saying, "I don't want to help others, so someone with more money than me should do it." Those who chant this mantra are either those who want to receive what they have not earned, or those who don't want to help their neighbor. Either way, it is borne of covetousness and class-envy, and is simply antithetical to all that has historically made our nation great.

Government-sponsored welfare is a scourge on our society. It is the end of greatness, the end of superiority, the end of excellence. We are now on the road to our demise. We will become average. Welcome to the new world order.





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excellent work bud!

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