I believe that words are important.  I tend to be a nag at times, insisting that people use words proerly.  I hate it when someone whom society has gifted with the power of influence misuses the language.  That being said, I also love playing around with words, as well as inventing new ones.


fetal: adj. — of or pertaining to feta cheese.
ex.: When asked what kind of cheese they preferred on their sandwiches, Bob expressed his love of Cheddar, whereas Bill assumed a fetal position.


I have learned something about putting off for later what could be done now. The down sides actually do outweigh the advantages. Oh sure, at first glance it seems that putting off a task that lies before you, might grant you more immediate free time. But the downside (I have learned through years of careful study) is that things just don't seem to get done. So when you balance all of the pros and cons of procrastination, the cons actually outweigh the pros. Therefore, let the word hereby be changed, and let us refer to the putting off of things for tomorrow as


Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated by myself and the untold millions who share my particular personal bent.  We need a constant reminder.

Thank you


Today's new word is "bonafy."

bonafy  vb
1 : to prove good faith or earnest intent
2 : to authenticate or certify as authentic 

When someone makes a seemingly outrageous or unbelievable assertion, a proper response might be something like:

"Can you cite a reference with which to bonafy that statement?  Without some kind of proof, I cannot consider your statement to be bona fide."

A document such as a witness' testimony might require supporting documentation including a writ of bonafication.

What's in a Verb?

Uhh... yeah. Right, then.
Okay, so... today's topic is, "Words that are just wrong."

We hear them every day. Hundreds, if not thousands per day. They go by without catching our notice. I'm speaking, of course, about verbs that aren't verbs, but everybody uses them as verbs, and, hey, we know what they mean, so we don't really mind. A classic example comes to mind:

"I'm attending a parenting class with my children's co-guardian tonight."

Uhhh... yeah. ...Right.

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