How to Fix our Health Care System

Does everyone understand that our current health care system, in which the health care providers all get together with the insurance companies to work out how much will be paid for what, is simply a giant system of price-fixing?  The insurers and the providers all get together at conventions in places like Las Vegas, and decide what will cost how much.  There's all kinds of give-here, take-there.

Words of Wisdom from my Daughter, Shirah

You can find Shirah's other stuff at her blog,  No Journey Wasted....

Plato's Take on Politics

My Honors course this semester is entitled Ancient World, and appropriately so, because we are simultaneously investigating the development of culture through the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Greece, Rome, and China. Most of us have studied these ancient civilizations individually at some point or another-- but rarely do we compare and contrast them all on one time line.

Do the Rich, in Fact, Pay their Fair Share?

I think so.  I think they pay WAY BEYOND their fair share.  I think that stealing from them in the name of CLASS ENVY is the most deplorable facet of our immoral tax system!  I'm not rich, by the "standards" set forth by our socialist leaders, who seem to think they are somehow enhanced in their wisdom in determining what's best for all of us.  Furthermore, I resent the fact that every attempt made by myself (or anyone, for that matter) to improve my financial situation shall be mitigated and discouraged th

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