Words of Wisdom from my Daughter, Shirah

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Plato's Take on Politics

My Honors course this semester is entitled Ancient World, and appropriately so, because we are simultaneously investigating the development of culture through the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Greece, Rome, and China. Most of us have studied these ancient civilizations individually at some point or another-- but rarely do we compare and contrast them all on one time line.

Do the Rich, in Fact, Pay their Fair Share?

I think so.  I think they pay WAY BEYOND their fair share.  I think that stealing from them in the name of CLASS ENVY is the most deplorable facet of our immoral tax system!  I'm not rich, by the "standards" set forth by our socialist leaders, who seem to think they are somehow enhanced in their wisdom in determining what's best for all of us.  Furthermore, I resent the fact that every attempt made by myself (or anyone, for that matter) to improve my financial situation shall be mitigated and discouraged th

How to Do Your Part to Fight Global Warming

I've been reading a lot on Global Warming, so I'm pretty much of an expert on the subject now, especially having studied a lot of science and stuff in school.  For instance, I've taken classes in Natural Science, Social Science, Political Science - you name it; I've probably had a science class about it.  So when it comes to science, I think it's fair to say I pretty much run with the best, and if you care to read much of the literature out there, you'll find that most of my peers are pretty much in agreement with my conclusions.  So

Hard Times, Indeed!

Wow.  The economy is so bad!  Minimum wage hasn't gone up for over six months, now.  Your typical high-school kid has to work nearly all summer -full time, even - just to be able to buy one quad or dirt bike!  All three of my cars are over five years old now, and I'm gonna have to sell two, just to buy one new one!  I mean, it's like we're suddenly thrust back into the dark ages or something.  It's like it's 1973 or something!

What's in a Verb?

Uhh... yeah. Right, then.
Okay, so... today's topic is, "Words that are just wrong."

We hear them every day. Hundreds, if not thousands per day. They go by without catching our notice. I'm speaking, of course, about verbs that aren't verbs, but everybody uses them as verbs, and, hey, we know what they mean, so we don't really mind. A classic example comes to mind:

"I'm attending a parenting class with my children's co-guardian tonight."

Uhhh... yeah. ...Right.

Food Quality Linked to School Violence

The monumental moronity of our governmental leaders never fails to amaze me.  Our government, on every level, just has this uncanny knack for coming up with entirely stupid and useless ways of measuring and rewarding performance.  What is it about people given administrative power without having earned it through performance or personal risk, who have instead had it granted to them by popular vote or by appointment?&nb


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